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Auction Tools which help you with online auctions:

$ave time and money by using the tools that many of Ebay's most PROFITABLE Power Sellers use.
Triple Threat Inc is the clear choice for Auction Invoicing. Here's why:

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It's free to register and set up your account with us.

Save Time

The average invoice takes 2-3 minutes using traditional methods. This includes figuring out who to email, what item they won and how much money they should send you. Our system allows you to do thousands of invoices at the click of a button. Our tools automatically register each invoice needed to be sent, and groups multiple items won by the same bidder. Our auction tools email each winner and informs them how much they owe including postage and where to send money to. These services are automated so all you need to do is decide when to send out the invoices. Finally, no more headaches.

$ave Money

Using traditional invoicing methods, one can expect to send out 25 invoices per hour if they are quick. Our system will save you that time and effort for as low as $2. This is a much cheaper solution than hiring someone or doing the invoices yourself. With the extra time you can list more items and make more money.

Why we are the Best Solution

Low Cost

We charge flat fees of 10 cents per item sold (not listed) with A MAXIMUM OF $20/MONTH! Our competition cannot compete on price as they charge as high as 75 cents per item. We do not take a percentage of the sale price like our competition. You sold the item, so why should anyone take a percentage. We also only charge for the items sold instead of per item listed. You don't need to send an invoice for unsold items so why should you pay for it? Our fees are flat and up front with no hidden charges. It is free to sign up and get started and there are no monthly membership dues.


Our system is fast and easy. You can list your items using your favorite listing software like Mister Lister. We do not force you to list items through our system like our competitors. Give your customers that service they deserve. Our competitors force the buyer to sign up with their services. Most bidders do not want the hassles of signing up with a service they do not use. Hence many bidders avoid the items listed through our competitors software. This can effect the sale price by 20% or more. We give your customers hassle free invoicing. Our invoices are concise and easy to understand, hence payments are sent right away with no confusion.

Want more for FREE?

For using our invoicing we also give you additional services for FREE! We also allow you to use our system to keep track of what was paid for, how much was paid, and how much of that total was postage or insurance. When you mark something as being paid for, your customers are automatically emailed, and it's easy to leave feedback via a special link. This allows you to save more time, and it's a free addition to our system.

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